Tuesday, August 17, 2010


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Emerging Evolving ''Citizen Of The World''

My website and blogsites tell the story of one american psychologist emerging evolving as a citizen of the world. Citizens of the world want to make better; to help and to heal themselves and others; to contribute in their own constructive way.

As a Psychologist my major interest has been the study of Craziness; constructive craziness and destructive craziness; craziness in the individual person and craziness in society. The dialogue/debate about craziness--what it is and what to do about it--is part of being human.

For me this has been a pathless journey which began on 9/11 and I'm still on it.

Despite the ostensible horrendous destructive craziness of the 9/11 perpetrators, I believe there are some positive attributes to be gleaned.

Humans have a need to identify with a greater higher cause than themselves. They have a need for a purposive committed life; a human need to make a difference with one's life. Humans have needs for transcendence and self-transformation.

My version of a Hasidic story: When I was a young man, I wanted to change the whole world to the better. As I approached middle age, I realized I would not be able to do it. I thought to myself, then let me save my own people. Now I'm old. I have serious doubts about being able to save this one poor sinner.

As a citizen of the world my people are global humanity, Americans and the American Psychological Association. My motto: ''Mission Impossible'' does not have to mean ''Don't Try.'' There is something worthwhile in the trying effort itself.

I'm not revealing any dark secrets. It is well known that individual and corporate big bucks buys free speech, free press, the best lawyers, lobbyists, legislatures and legislation in America. Also well known is the U.S.Gov. spends big bucks to buy private corporate personnel for military and other purposes. For example(s) read Glenn Greewald's recent blog on Salon.Com. and while you're on Salon.com read Michael Lind's ''Are The American People Absolete?'' 7/27/10. The corporate rich in america no longer need middle & lower class americans to do their work, buy their products or fight their wars. All of the forementioned can be outsourced or brought into america as a non-american underclass in a internationalized globalized socio-economic world. Furthermore. ''The great divide between the spending and income of the wealthiest 5% and the rest of us (95%) calls into question the value of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) as a meaningful statistic. If the wealthiest Americans are buying luxury cars and apparel again, that may jump upthe nation's GDP, but it doesn't mean 95% of the populace are doing better finacially.'' Quotation from Charles Hugh Smith, ''Why Growth May Still Leave 95% Of Americans Behind,'' Daily Finance An AOL Money & Finance Site, 08/14/10.

I don't have enough money to change global humanity or america to the better. Agree, disagree or ignore, I have stated my case in my website and blogsites.

So let me try to change the craziness--the deceptive democracy--at the American Psychological Association. If I can't change the craziness at the APA, how can I change the craziness in the USA? Read my next blog, ''The Anatomy Of A Deceptive Democracy: The American Psychological Association.''


The Editors of the APA Monitor have accepted & will publish (in October or November 2010) scohen305's letter to the editor requesting the creation of a FREE SPEECH FREE PRESS COLUMN in the APA Monitor

The APA has established the APA Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/American Psychological Association. SCOHEN305 has been blogging and plans to continue blogging his comments on the facebook/apa page.

I would kike to see a more simple & direct way of choosing the president of the apa. My Plan: (1) allow any member who wants to run for president to present their platform to the entire apa membership in the Monitor; (2) have a simple up & down vote. The candidate who gets the most votes wins.

I would also like to see the APA open its' membership door to people from all walks of life who experience a calling to learn about the Psychological and want to use Psych to make better, help & heal.
The apa has been losing membership. Opening its' door to new membership could bring millions of new members into the apa; making the apa a stronger organization for positive change in America and for our global humanity.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Anatomy Of A Deceptive ''Democracy'':The American Psychological Association (APA)

I believe America (a democracy of 300 million) and ''democratic'' organizations within america like the APA (about 170,000 members) are the experimental labs f0r the coming democratic international government of 6 billion plus citizens of the world.

In a series of blogs titled'' Advocates For First Amendment Rights'' (oldest posts, article 2),'' To Change Or Not To Change The Bureaucracy'' and ''Open Letter To Current APA President Goodheart'', I began to expose the deceptive democracy of the APA organization.

The dues (taxes) paying members of the APA are the rightful owners of the APA. Over the years their dues has been invested in real estate and other business ventures, giving the APA a stable income for survival .

The editor of the APA Monitor magazine has t0tal control of the flow of communication to the entire membership of the APA community. The editor of the Monitor is not an officer elected by the entire membership of the APA community. There is no rotation of this position as in the election of the american pres., v.p., senators and house reps.

Yet the executive editor of the Monitor creates her own ground rules for the flow of information to the entire APA membership community.

The editor of the monitor can create rules to solidify and protect her own job position at the APA.

The editor of the monitor can create self-serving rules to filter communication from apa members. Thus creating ''Deceptive Democracy.''

Dear Executive Editor Of The APA Monitor: Do the right thing by opening this issue to public dialogue/debate in the Monitor and let us have a vote for or against A FREE SPEECH FREE PRESS COLUMN in the Monitor by the entire APA membership community.

I intend to send a web press release to make this issue public.

Sincerly your fellow APA member, Sheldon M. Cohen, Ph.D.